What are retained health and safety services?

What are retained health and safety services? Midlands Health and Safety Consultancy

Under The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, Regulation 7 –  it is a legal requirement to be able to demonstrate that you have access to competent Health and Safety advice and that you are compliant with current UK legislation, and failure to comply as we all know, can result in legal prosecution. Whilst it’s not always cost-effective to hire a member of staff to fulfil this role full-time, there is a good alternative.

Retained health and safety services provide access to professional advice when it’s needed, helping you avoid fines and potential prosecution if you get it wrong or don’t meet the ever-changing legislative requirements in the health and safety domain. Plus they will not have the added concern of having to juggle health and safety with other positional matters; the consultant focuses solely on making sure your company meets all rules and regulations, keeping you safe and compliant.

What is the role of a retained health and safety adviser?

Using retained health and safety services means your adviser can get to know your business and gain a deeper understanding of the risks faced by employees, providing tailored guidance you can rely on. Their role can provide-

  • Ongoing health and safety advice
  • Risk assessments and safety inspections
  • Health and safety training
  • Reviewing and developing health and safety policies and procedures


Why choose a retained health and safety service?

There are various scenarios where you might choose a retained service. Maybe your business has expanded and health and safety is now diverting your attention from running the business? You could be a start up company and need to ensure your health and safety obligations are being met from the off. Or simply just need guidance to enhance health and safety compliance, reduce risks, increase productivity, and improve employee morale

What are the benefits of a retained health and safety service?

  • Provides ongoing assurance to your employees, contractors, visitors, and onsite clients’ health & safety requirements, for complete peace of mind
  • Ensures your company complies with the latest UK Health and Safety laws and regulations
  • Provides practical health and safety guidelines that guarantees that safety measures are adhered to daily
  • Offers practical, professional advice that is bespoke to the health & safety needs of your company
  • Cost effective – cuts out the need to employ a dedicated health & safety officer
  • Ongoing access to a high level of resources and expertise
  • Frees up time so you can focus on the priorities of your company.


By accessing retained health and safety services, your company will comply with all the latest legal obligations and have the highest competency in all matters of health & safety.

For further advice on retained health and safety services, please contact us here.

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