The benefits of outsourcing Health & Safety

The benefits of outsourcing Health Safety Midlands Health and Safety Consultancy

Health and safety should be at the top of company’s agenda, irrespective of the size of the company. The purpose of health and safety is to protect your workers, sub-contractors, customers and members of the public, and aside from the legal duty of care you have, it is morally right to ensure your workers are safe and healthy in their working day. It is also important for the well-being of staff to feel comfortable and confident that their safety and health is being cared for in a professional manner. The benefits of outsourcing health and safety run far deeper than just a time issue for a busy company. So what are the benefits of outsourcing?

Cost effective

To comply with the Health and Safety Act 1974, your company must have a nominated person who ensures that your business is fully compliant. To hire a dedicated resource and invest in their ongoing training could be counter productive, especially for small businesses, where there is unlikely to be enough work to occupy or justify the employment of such an experienced professional on a full-time basis. Outsourcing health and safety will save you money in the long run.

Risk reduction

If you are non compliant you run the risk of quite severe fines if you conduct your business outside the health and safety law.  The Health and Safety Executive continue to carry out spot checks and inspections by calling, visiting and inspecting all types of businesses in most areas in England to ensure they are working safely, so it doesn’t just take an accident to h-light any failings in policies.

Enhances business reputation

Your reputation as a company is paramount to not only its growth and profitability but also in attracting and retaining the right kind of people. Investing in a strong health and safety culture throughout, shows a commitment to staff well being and new customers alike.

Save time

A huge amount of time can be spent trying to carry out risk assessments or create policies and procedures which are not only up to date but legal, therefore resulting in the business being less productive. Enabling the help of an expert who is only a phone call away, can ensure that its dealt with quickly and correctly.

Maintain legal compliance

The work of compliance is a minefield, with new and updated regulations constantly coming into effect and regularly causing a headache for businesses, especially smaller firms that don’t have the capacity or budget to employ a dedicated employee to manage health and safety. With this in mind the benefits to be gained from outsourcing to experts are immense.

In order to maintain legal compliance, employers are required to ensure all employees are equipped with the appropriate level of knowledge and skills to carry out their roles safely and responsibly. A health and safety specialist consultancy will  be able to offer bespoke training courses, guaranteed to be hosted by experts covering a selection of specific topics to ensure legal requirements are met.

For further information on the benefits of outsourcing your health and safety requirements, please contact us here.

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