Lending a hand to Willenhall RUFC

Lending a hand to Willenhall RUFC Midlands Health and Safety Consultancy 1

Fantastic productive Sunday at Midlands Health and Safety Consultancy (MHSC)!

With the recent pandemic effecting numerous businesses and social activity providers in the past 24 months it’s been great to be able to give a little back to one of our local rugby clubs.

Today MHSC have completed a Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work free of charge for Willenhall RUFC to help some of the club members who are involved in the running of the club and the running of the junior rugby teams gain some essential First Aid skills.

We have also today provided a free annual service of an acting Competent Persons to help and advise towards the every day running of the Rugby club where required.

Finally we have made a donation of £100 towards the new playing shirts in memory of a club hero Elfyn Pugh.

A great man that has done a lot for rugby that breach’s out far further than our local community.

Thank you to our Safety Advisor Chad Bott for contributing to complete this on our behalf.

Chad is a member at Willenhall RUFC and was passionate about helping towards this great cause knowing and meeting Elfyn personally over the years being involved at the club.

With the contributed services and donation MHSC have donated £1000 towards helping Willenhall RUFC before the new season kicks off in September.

Not a great fortune but doing the best we can to try and support and help our local community as a small local business.

We wish Willenhall Rugby Union Football Club and our Safety Advisor all the best in their new season.

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