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Qualitative Face Fit Testing?

A qualitative face fit test checks whether a person’s mask fits their face shape and size and that its primary function of protecting the person through its seal is working.

It can be used for any type of tight-fitting half-face mask, including disposable masks and ensures a 100% seal is achieved.

Why do you
need it?


Qualitative face fit testing is a legal requirement if your employees are working in potentially hazardous places. Without it your employees are at risk of developing serious health issues. 

The process of fit testing ensures the tight-fitting mask forms a secure seal around the wearer’s face. This seal is essential to protecting the health of workers who could potentially come into contact with airborne hazards in their line of work.

If the seal is not complete it may allow harmful particles to enter the mask and make their way into the wearer’s respiratory system. This can have life-changing, and potentially deadly, consequences for the worker.

By following the guidance laid out in INDG 479 & HSG 53 with regards RPE, you are meeting the regulatory requirements expected of you.

What can
we offer?


We are fully qualified to carry out qualitative face fit testing using the ‘taste test’ process. This involves a sweet or bitter solution being applied to the air around the mask whilst the wearer exercises the seal of the mask by moving in different directions. If the employee can begin to taste the solution, then the equipment has failed to protect the wearer, as some particles have made it past the mask into their respiratory system.

We aim to work flexibly around your needs to ensure compliance with COSHH and other regulations around Face Fit Testing which may be applicable to your business.

If required, we can supply the RPE for the Face Fit Tests and in all instances, we will bring a suitable alternative for any masks that have failed the test.

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