Health & Safety Staff Training

At Midlands Health & Safety Consultancy, all of our consultants are NUCO Instructors. Nuco Training is an international training company that provides specialised instructor training for those who teach First Aid, Defibrillation, Health & Safety and Food Safety related subjects.

We can offer you accredited courses with certification of completion. Our courses are accredited by a governing body that is supported by regulatory awarded organisations such as Qfqual and SQA.

Our courses include:

Health & Safety Level 1

The qualification covers the key terms used in health and safety, so that the learner is familiar with everything they read or hear within their new environment. It also covers the duties of employers and employees, creating awareness of the main hazards and risks in the workplace. The programme essentially focuses on good housekeeping to keep everyone safe, ppe etc.

Fire Safety Level 1

This course is ideal to give all members of staff basic fire training to increase awareness and cooperation in the event of a fire in the workplace. It covers regulations, the fire triangle, evacuation, fire equipment, good housekeeping, the law, training requirements, calling the fire service, fire doors, smoke alarms, risk assessing and precautions.

Manual Handling Level 2

This course provides learners with invaluable knowledge and understanding of the importance of safe manual handling, risk assessments for manual handling and guidance on appropriate control measures. It includes the duties of employers and employees in relation to manual handling plus the consequences for non-compliance with requirements.

Health & Safety Level 2

The qualification covers the principal aspects, elements, procedures and duties of employers and employees. It also highlights the consequences of non-compliance with health and safety legislation, the requirements for training and competence and the ways in which health and safety information can be communicated. The qualification assumes no prior knowledge.

Fire Safety Level 2

This qualification covers the causes and characteristics of fire and smoke spread in the workplace and the components of the fire triangle. It also covers the hazards during and after a fire, means of escape, methods of fire detection, raising the alarm plus how to safely extinguish the different types of fire – whether it be electrical, relating to hazardous materials or any other.

Also included are legal responsibilities, fire risk assessments, and the role of the fire warden.

First Aid Training Courses

Level 3 First Aid at Work

This course is designed for those who are appointed to act as a first aider in their workplace. Over a 3 day period, learners will develop the skills and knowledge needed to deal with a range of first aid situations, including: assessing an incident, managing an unresponsive casualty, CPR, heart attacks, choking, head and spinal injuries, fractures, anaphylaxis and more.

Level 3 First Aid Requalification

This 2-day First Aid at Work course is designed for those who currently hold a First Aid at Work qualification and are due to expire. Successful qualification on this course is based on practical assessments conducted throughout the course and written test papers each day.

Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work

Where an organisation’s risk assessment of First Aid needs identifies that there is a requirement for Emergency First Aid at Work practitioners, then this national Award in Emergency First Aid at Work satisfies the requirements of the regulatory body for First Aid – the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). All learners will have the skills and knowledge to provide the organisation with Emergency First Aider’s that can provide treatment to their casualties in a prompt, safe and effective manner.

Annual Refresher for First Aiders

Although it is not mandatory, the HSE strongly recommend that HSE qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders undertake an first aid annual refresher course in order to keep their skills up-to-date and refreshed. The qualification period for both groups of First Aiders is 3-years. It was felt that this period was too long without any additional training.