Benefits of first aid training in the workplace

Benefits of first aid training in the workplace Midlands Health and Safety Consultancy

First aid training in the workplace has huge benefits for any organisation of any type of industry and any size. Whilst ensuring that the company remains compliant with legislation and a duty of care to employees, the benefits go far beyond the most important aspect of saving lives.

As an employer in the UK regardless of the size of the company there is a legal obligation to plan for the provision of first aid at work. Should an accident happen and the correct first aid cover is not in place, the business may be liable for prosecution and insurance become invalidated. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. Let’s explore those benefits….

Saves lives

Obviously the most important aspect of first aid training is to potentially save a life. Data suggests that around 59 per cent of workplace deaths could have been prevented had appropriate first aid been available. The right first aid training, therefore, is an essential pillar to cutting risks and  even for non-fatal injuries, the severity and recovery period can be reduced by administering first-aid.

Staff Reassurance Factor

One of the main health and safety obligations is to make staff aware of who is responsible for First Aid within the workplace. The knowledge that this individual is well trained and ‘ready for action’ can be hugely comforting for a team, and gives them confidence in their employers.

Reduce the number of accidents

Another benefit of first aid training is that it helps minimise the number of workplace accidents. Through first aid training, employees will learn to become more conscious about workplace safety. This will help create an environment where there are fewer accidents and injuries.

Boosts company morale and team building skills

When employees get the opportunity to learn a skill together, especially one that will help them look after one another, it brings them closer together. Many teams have reported more awareness of their co-workers’ wellbeing following first aid training. Training employees in first aid demonstrates to them that they are valued and employees who feel valued are much more likely to give a positive contribution in their work environment than those who do not.

Keeps employees safe outside of work

It’s not just in the workplace where good first aid training is paramount – employees will have those skills for life, especially if they maintain ongoing refresher courses. This means they can treat themselves, their family and friends and the public effectively in an emergency.

Makes financial sense

It can be easy to underestimate the impact of absence, but the cost to businesses can soon add up – from the increasing burden on team members and decreased staff moral, to lost productivity. With prompt first aid assistance, recovery periods can be reduced – meaning employees can return to work sooner.


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