5 Reasons Why Health and Safety Training is important

5 Reasons Why Health and Safety Training is Important Midlands Health ad Safety training

It doesn’t matter what the size of your organisation is, if you have employees (or are self-employed), health and safety should be at the top of your priority list. Here are 5 key reasons why health and safety training is important for your business.

1. It’s the law

This might seem like an obvious point, but one of the key reasons why health and safety training is important is because it isn’t optional – it’s the law. Introduced in 1974, The Health and Safety at Work Act is a key piece of legislation that requires employers and employees to take reasonable and practicable steps to ensure health and safety in the workplace. In addition, certain regulations outline health and safety procedures in specific industries and sectors.

Breaking health and safety law can have severe consequences for many organisations. Fines for health and safety violations continue to grow year on year, as the UK Government continues to pursue a zero-tolerance approach against offenders. Fines can often severely disrupt a company’s financial security and, in severe cases, lead to bankruptcy. In addition to the financial cost, breaches in health and safety can often lead to criminal prosecution which can have a devastating impact on an organisations reputation and ability to continue to operate.

2. Health and safety protects your reputation

Reputation matters in business. If you want to attract customers, employees. If you want other businesses to want to work with you. You need to leave a good impression. Poor health and safety standards do the opposite. Accidents, poor safety standard, ill-health amongst your workers lead to fines, enforcement, prosecutions. None of this is a good look for your business.

3. For greater job satisfaction

Workers who feel protected are more motivated, more satisfied and ultimately more productive at work. A preventive culture should always be a basic pillar for every organisation. Health and Safety policies and risk management plans encourage workers commitment to safety and they have a positive impact on their attitudes towards work in general. A safe working environment results in happier employees for your business.

4. Health and safety reduces staff turnover

Losing members of staff is never a good thing. You’ve trained them up, they have grown relationships, and have valuable skills that you need. But you might lose members of staff if they get seriously hurt, become ill through their work, or are unhappy because they feel their health and safety is at risk or isn’t taken seriously.

5. Attracting and retaining talent

Thankfully, organisations that promote a “Safety First” attitude that foster collaborative, trusting and safe working environments are becoming more and more common. Companies with an increased concern for workplace health and safety can benefit from a number of advantages. One of those is attracting the right talent. The correct safety culture makes people want to work for you, as who doesn’t want to work for an employer that cares about their wellbeing! It also results in higher acceptance rates to job offers.

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